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I recently had the opportunity to visit my favourite animal, the mountain gorilla, in the hills of Uganda. I personally find this video moving. 


Early Bird Special: British conservation activist Damian Aspinall recorded this video more than 20 years ago, when his daughter Tansy was just 18 months old; he decided to release it in recent days to raise awareness of endangered gorillas and show their gentle nature. 

Unfortunately, Aspinall has suffered quite the backlash — 85 percent of voters in a Today show poll said they considered his actions to be “irresponsible parenting” and were concerned that letting a toddler play with 300-pound gorillas wasn’t safe. 

Tansy Aspinall, now 23, defends her father: ”I don’t remember specifically that video but I definitely remember going in with the animals and just loving being around them. It was playing with another brother or sister, really. … My dad would never put me in with an overly aggressive gorilla, ever.” 

Hey, it was the ’80s — can’t we just agree that the video is adorable? 


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God dammit.

Looks like JayZ and Mr.West are influencing the young minds


God dammit.

Looks like JayZ and Mr.West are influencing the young minds

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I love this! It is also VERY accurate

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Well, Nickelback sounds quite nice when it sounds like this!

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Amazing. I love this from old navy. It’s a HUGE improvement from their other mannequin ads. Also, I am blown away by the copywriting. 


Infomercial spoofs never get old. What other media clichés can you think of to parody?


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Ryan Gosling Doppelganger of the Day: Normally I would scoff at an online tutorial called “How To Look Like Ryan Gosling,” but this dude looks like he knows what he’s talking about.

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Yes! The jaw does everything

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I just came back from NYC and let me tell you- I saw nothing like this on the subway


Early Bird Special: A NYC subway busker performs the hell out of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

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Everything Went As Expect of the Day: On the flipside, here’s a dude who not only won’t be getting 100 bucks from his dad, but whose ability to become a dad is now highly suspect.


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AMAZZZZZING!!!! Pressing repeat (again and again)


The Wuba Wuba of the Day: A Skrillex bass drop catches Kramer off-guard.


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The best campaign video I have seen so far (well kind of, hehe). If you want a “better tomorrow, tomorrow.” Vote Herman!


Political Ad of the Day: In the latest ad from Stephen Colbert’s Jon Stewart’s not-Colbert-affiliated SuperPAC, Stephen Colbert Herman Cain channels his inner Herman Cain Stephen Colbert while telling South Carolina voters to cast their ballot for Herman Colbert.


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